VIC Plate: AGC230

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Justin(26/7/16, 3:48 pm):
Comments: Worst driver ever cut me off twice
Justin(26/7/16, 3:49 pm):
Comments: Worst driver ever cut me off twice. Drives a grey Mazda MX5 2015 piece of shit.
Robert (26/7/16, 3:53 pm):
Comments: This clown someone cancel his insurance he is a danger to the road.
Nathaniel Tan(26/7/16, 3:55 pm):
Comments: Fuck Fuck Fuck almost had a accident with this fool tailgating me.
Jennifer(26/7/16, 3:58 pm):
Comments: This fool tried to cut me off on plenty road. Your ego is massive but you car is rubbish.
Richard (26/7/16, 4:05 pm):
Comments: Fuck is a compliment to the way this fool drives. Next time I am calling the police, your a danger to the road, head check when you change lanes.
Sofia(26/7/16, 4:08 pm):
Comments: Better you off the road before you kill someone.
Daniel(26/7/16, 4:17 pm):
Comments: Please get this idiot off the road, did a hook turn at intersection with turn right arrow. Almost had a accident. Danger to people.
keyur (26/7/16, 4:44 pm):
Comments: Motherfucker crashed into my rear bumper.
Richard (26/7/16, 4:47 pm):
Comments: Oh bloody hell fuck fuck fuck get this fucker off the road !
Tom(26/7/16, 4:59 pm):
Comments: OH lord! This faggot is a reckless driver, nearly killed someone. He just literally drove on pedestrian crossing while on a red signal. Needs to be reported to insurance companies and police. Suspend his licence.
Archie(26/7/16, 10:59 pm):
Comments: Suspend this idiot's license effective immediately.Extremely dangerous, almost ran me down in the carpark.

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