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Julie(22/3/16, 8:28 am):
Comments: Dark green coloured 4WD with male driver & female passenger. Approx 7:15-7:30 this morning, inbound on the Princes Fwy from at the on ramp lights after Forsyth Rd Hoppers Crossing I saw this vehicle disobey the road signs advising on green light 1 vehicle per lane may proceed. A silver Ford and a motorbike proceeded when the light went green, but in the lane behind the motorbike BUNTY7 tried to cut off the silver vehicle at the point the 2 lanes became 1. The silver car tooted him as warning. Once on the freeway the 4WD sped up, tooted and flipped his finger at the silver vehicle. What shamful behaviour from the 4WD, disobeys the road rules then road rages at the car doing the right thing. I see it everyday on this freeway. Charming mate

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