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P(9/2/14, 5:47 pm):
Comments: Taxi Type: Yellow Melbourne Taxi Number Plate: M-3650 Vehicle Model: Toyota Driver: Caucasian with facial hair / beard Date / Time: Sunday 9 February 2014 / Approximately 15:30 Complaint: Typical example of yet another Melbourne Taxi Driver displaying totally unprofessional driving skills, exhibiting a complete disregard for other road users, pedestrians and more importantly the road rules of the state of Victoria. Both my partner and I witnessed this Taxi Driver speeding from Sayers and Morris Road heading in a easterly direction, presenting aggressive directional movements from right to left when forced to stop by stationary traffic ahead, undertaking vehicles from a left turn (ONLY) lane at Sayers and Marquands Road and finally driving through a red light whilst turning right at Sayers and Forsyth Road opposite a McDonalds restaurant. Be extremely wary of this driver on the road..!

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