VIC Plate: RBV252

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Altona(25/1/17, 8:04 am):
Comments: Young P-plate male driver, single occupant. Driving in truck/transit lane when entering freeway in peak hour to avoid stopping at the staging/freeway entry lights. Then at the next exit, left the freeway immediately only to rejoin the freeway immediately, obviously trying to leapfrog ahead, again in the transit lane, again avoiding the staging lights. Driving to the very end of that merging lane only to honk and abuse a truck that wouldn't let him in as he was trying to push past and not merge 1 for 1. Clearly it didn't get him far as I saw the whole thing unfold just cruising along comfortably in the 2nd to left lane. As the traffic was stopped and he had his window down after he rejoined for the second time, I called out and asked him "where his passenger was?" as I had seen him driving in the transit lane twice. Typical response of "f*#k off c*#t, I don't give a f*#k".

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