VIC Plate: XRN869

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Make Model Year Colour
HoldenCaptivaLight gold/silver


Candice(14/6/11, 7:25 am):
Comments: This woman unsafely cut me off in Eltham while merging to get one car ahead in traffic. Further up the road she got stuck in a slow lane and I ended up (safely) passing her in the other lane. This obviously got on her nerves as further along there was another merging spot in Greensborough and she swerved around me and sped up to cut me off again. This was extremely unsafe and a very close call. I had to slam on my breaks just missing a pole on my left and hitting her car on my right. What makes this so much worse and has pushed me to write on this page is that her children were in the car and if I had of hit her car it was her left side which is closest to her children in the passenger seats. It sickens me that she put them in such danger just to feed her ego and get one car in front.

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