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(22/5/12, 11:03 pm):
Comments: Between 10:40 am and 11:00 am on 23 May 2012, I drove south from Sydney to Wollongong (roughly a one hour trip). About halfway through the trip, I observed a gold-coloured Nissan X-Trail 4WD bearing Victorian plates YCP107 behaving erratically. The vehicle tailgated me for about a kilometre before merging, without indicating, into the right-hand lane to overtake. After passing my vehicle, it merged back into the left-hand lane within approximately 1m of the front of my vehicle, again without indicating - all while travelling at a speed in excess of 100km/h. For the remainder of the journey, the vehicle continued a similar pattern of behaviour, changing lanes to overtake regularly and erratically with, at best, minimal use of indicator, accompanied by speed fluctuations ranging from approximately 20km/h under to 15km/h over the posted 110km/h speed limit. This resulted in a number of cars being tailgated and overtaken by vehicle YCP107, only to be caught behind it and have to overtake it again minutes later, then have vehicle YCP107 repeat the behaviour of tailgating and passing. At one point vehicle YCP107 attempted to merge from the left-hand lane into the right-hand lane, which was then occupied by my vehicle in an attempt to overtake and remove myself from the vicinity of this dangerous driver. I should note that the behaviour of the driver of vehicle YCP107 did not appear to be intentionally aggressive such as one might see in a driver suffering from "road-rage"; rather, it appeared to be merely the behaviour of someone unaccustomed to driving on highways at speed, and ignorant of such concepts as allowing more space between vehicles than is possible in inner-city driving. In my effort to avoid being in the vicinity of vehicle YCP-107, I had to employ some uncharacteristically aggressive driving. Other drivers should not have to put themselves in a compromising position in order to avoid the problematic behaviour of another driver.

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