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CC(4/7/15, 2:11 pm):
Comments: This car cut us off in a shopping centre carpark and proceeded to drive the wrong way down the rows, causing other drivers to have to get out of the way simply because she thought it was more important for her to get a park than obey the rules like everyone else. In a mercedes soft top, she was a blonde woman in her 50s, obviously wealthy and by her driving behaviour she clearly had a sense of self entitlement. If people wish to be reckless and rude, and ignore the road rules with the opinion they don't apply to them, then they do not deserve to drive. People were tooting their horns at her but not once did she show any remorse or start driving the correct way, she was malicious and nasty and instead waved to everyone that tooted her and smiled. It disappoints me immensely that people like her exist and are so ignorant and inconsiderate. When you go to the shops on a normal weekend and people are so self centred and nasty that they openly abuse you or steal your carpark or ignore the road rules, it makes me sad that they put this much importance on finding a park, instead of driving and behaving harmoniously.
Adam(6/7/15, 1:29 am):
Comments: Typical of this socio/economic self entitled class of cunts in Australia. Pity somebody didn't put a cap in her ass and do the world a favor!

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