VIC Plate: ZGG218

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Parker(9/5/16, 4:56 pm):
Comments: Grey metallic Nissan ute. On Monday at approx 4:15pm, just before the first Point Cook exit on the Princes Freeway outbound. Traffic was heavy and built up as always so max speed would have been 80 on the freeway, road were wet from the heavy downpour and obviously impatient this car was swerving dangerously behind the car in front of them. The car in front had nowhere to go as they had many cars in front of them too. Ute eventually got impatient and moved into the far left lane and then took the first Point Cook exit. I've seen muppets like this cause bad accidents. ZGG218 we can only hope next time you swerve back and forth like a petulant child driving a big man's car you get caught - you are now on Highway Patrol's watch list. You're welcome

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