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Carol(4/1/14, 3:43 pm):
Comments: Person in this car visited Whiteman Park today with his dog. But he left in a bit of a hurry, driving off without his seatbelt...why was he in such a hurry? Because he probably knew I was waiting to take down his plate because he hit my dog repeatedly with a leash, in an unprovoked attack. When I asked him what he would think if I hit his (female) partner like that, he invited me to do so. Then suggested that perhaps I didn't hit my dog enough. No wonder they left in a hurry with no seatbelts on.
Carol Alway(27/1/16, 5:48 pm):
Comments: You sound like a crazy woman Carol Alway!
Carol Alway(27/1/16, 5:54 pm):
Comments: You are actually crazy Carol. This is the most embellished story I have ever read. Clearly you forgot your medication on this day. The correct story is that your Greyhound attacked my puppy and you laughed about it. We had to intervene, we were so grateful you had a muzzle on your aggressive Greyhound. We never hit your dog, simply pushed him out the way as he was pushing my dog to the ground. Anyway, the RSPCA did call and we had a good laugh about the whole thing! Apparently they get a lot of crazies wasting their time! Thanks for the laugh!

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