WA Plate: 1BSB385

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K(18/3/13, 9:34 pm):
Comments: The driver of this car sat in my blind spot on roe highway began to speed up fast did not indicate them cut me off and slammed their brakes on while I was doing 100 km/hr causing me to need to also slam my brakes then decided to stare at me in their rear view instead of looking at the road, we both got off at the same exit where I saw them cut off another driver as they were in the left lane when needing to turn right but as there was a long line of cars in the right lane I presume they were trying to sneak ahead they then tail gated the car ahead of them continuously needing to brake as they were so close which probably confused drivers behind them so in a nutshell this fully licensed driver is worse then any learner or p plater I've seen and should re-learn how to drive

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