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Lauren (29/7/15, 4:44 pm):
Comments: On Tuesday the 28/07/2015, I had to take my two YOUNGER sisters to school but as we live in Wanneroo and they go to school far away, we decided to leave early as they wanted Maccas, however this company vehicle (Boyan Electrical Services) happened to be in front of myself going to MacDonalds, and didn't indicate AT ALL when turning into the fast food place, may I add, anyway as the company van and myself drove into the driveway, he went into one lane and I went into the other lane, she served me first and said please drive forward, as I did I looked, and started driving, all of a sudden the company van pulled out in front of me, and the guy that was driving looked at me with a disgusted look, didn't moved so I slowly went to move forward and this company van pulled out in front of my vehicle, nearly ripping off my front bumper. I threw my hands up in confusion and the guy mouthed the words (what seemed to say) F*** OFF. I then asked the lady at the cashier if my order was before his and she said yes and seemed quite annoyed at the fact that because of him, she had to re arrange the order. For my two younger sisters, it was horrific. Now I'm not totally bummed that he pulled out in front of me but the fact that he was in a company vehicle and I had children in the car pisses me off. If they want business they shouldn't be driving like that/letting their employees drive like that. I am appalled at this, I could have used their business.

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