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Mike(17/4/15, 6:14 pm):
Comments: 17/4/2015 appr 3:12pm cnr of Kewdale road/horemiller dr & Tonkin Hwy turning north. Giving way in a one lane passage before turning north onto Tonkin North I was cut off on the inside by a white ford ranger. I sounded my horn as there is only one lane and I was on the right so they had failed to give way to the right (making them in the wrong) This would have been well and good a mistake anyone could have made but these fools were impatient and bogons. They proceeded to shout yell and give me the finger as though I was in the wrong and hooned off down the onramp. When I I merged and moved to the left lane they continued abuse and one of the passengers hurled what appeared to be a spirit can at me, which flew passed my windscreen as I over took and continued on my way. There were at least two Caucasians on board in yellow high vis including the driver. Couldnt see the the people on the left of the vehicle. So um failure to give way to the right, Drink diving, dangerous driving, Possibly not displaying L or probation plates as despite their mature looking age, they clearly cant drive. Possible high on meth? the quicker we get drones above the freeways to police/record this rubbish the safer we will all be.

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