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Anindya(15/1/16, 2:51 am):
Comments: WA road users..please be careful about adark coloured sedan with plate 1EPG210..apparently i checked today on vehicle rego check and found that this car rego is invalid. He is an extremely unsafe driver on the road.he brushed past me on a merging lane ignoring my indicator. I was leaving lake monger drive in wembley and about to enter the south bound freeway at 1030pm on the 14-Jna-2016.He was behind me at the lights just immediately after the left turn (North bound freeway exit). He was behind me and just before the lights before taking the south bound exit, he went to the right lane and inspite of my indicating, he forcefully entered my lane on merging where I had to slow down to allow him pass and avoid a collision.He sped away abnormally at high speed.

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