WA Plate: 1ESS648

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Grant (13/4/18, 7:54 pm):
Comments: time 5:15pm direction -east on Hepburn av after Mirrabooka Av two lanes Driver in silver van with passenger in right lane doing 50km in a 70km zone. Tried to goe around but then they speed up to 70. Could not pass in left as that driver was comfortable sitting on 55-60...but at least they were in the left hand lane. Guy in silver van 1ESS648 constantly slowed sown and speed up blocking carriageway and then passenger decided to take photos of me when i was in the left hand lane. Clearly they think driving is a game and don't know the left hand lane rule as they thought it hilarious with the other car banked up behind us. Its just so simple, keep to the left and let people go about their business. Eventually they after a few kilometers they turned off into Malaga.

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