WA Plate: 1EVW332

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Make Model Year Colour
HoldenCommodore UteBlack


Fremantle Resident(12/3/20, 12:11 am):
Comments: Absolutely crazy!!
Black ute with alloy tray, Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon.
Male driver, with a mousy-haired woman.
Fremantle lighthouse road. Looks like they had dropped off a kid on the Leeuwin.

Was overtaken by a senior driver so this madman started chasing him. Rammed into the senior's car, grinding and pushing until the old man stopped and got out of his car. Then he shoved the old man and only backed off when the woman intervened. Proceeded to tailgate and swerve at the old man as he drove off.

Hopefully this maniac was made to pay for the damage. Reported to the police.

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