WA Plate: 1SKFC75

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ToyotaLand CruiserMetalic Siler


John(4/6/13, 4:03 pm):
Comments: Male driver of vehicle towing trailer with ladders and scaffolding, near miss a group of cyclists, 5/4/2013 driving in the same direction as the vehicle. There was no oncoming traffic, clear and sunny day, straight/flat road. It is drivers like these that kill people, be considerate, slow down, and move over allowing plenty of space, how difficult is that. The mentality towards cyclists is shocking here in WA. Cyclists have the SAME rights on the road as vehicles according to the law. Never the less, even when cyclist are courteous and aware of other road users it does not always seem to be reciprocated. I hope you loose your license buddy!! Video footage available...

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