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MYOB(30/3/15, 8:14 pm):
Comments: One of the most consistently worst drivers I've seen on the roads. Runs red lights, tailgates, yells abuse, constantly changes lanes and cuts people off when there's really no point. Works around Welshpool and takes Tonkin into Morley around the hours of 4-5pm. Awful driver. Ban him before he hurts someone
MYOB 2(18/5/18, 9:55 am):
Comments: Green ford falcon. I've had multiple runnings with this driver . He works for business located in Tomah Rd Welshpool. Lives somewhere off Morley drive in Noranda.
He Tailgates , extreme lane changing, abusive & zero care for other driver. He will eventually kill someone with his driving. Crush his car and cancel his license.
Luxury Driver (21/5/18, 7:27 pm):
Comments: I also had a recent running with this driver, I asked politely for him to pull over after the incident which he failed to do so. I concur with the detailed driving descriptions provided by previous posts.
Kayla Ameir(2/7/18, 6:28 pm):
Comments: That is my husband, leave him alone fuckheads, or I will shoot you down, one by one.
Public (20/12/18, 8:55 pm):
Comments: Absolutely shocking driver. Cutting in and out of lanes. Tailgating like a loser. I don’t know what’s he’s rushing home for, nothing that exciting or good looking waiting for him home lol. Guess some guys like them large.
Anon(22/2/19, 3:37 pm):
Comments: See him most mornings driving on Tonkin hwy southbound. Swerving through traffic like an idiot and causing others to slam on brakes to avoid the maniac. Only a matter of time before he causes a pile-up.
ANON(24/2/19, 12:13 am):
Comments: This guy is a total f'ckwit. He needs to have his licence suspended. I've seen him cause several potentially deadly incidents on Tonkin Highway and I suspect he is driving post meth binge.
MYOB 3(19/7/19, 8:54 pm):
Comments: Hadn't seen him in a while as I'd moved away from the Morley area. Sure enough, one morning when it was pitch black, I see headlights speeding towards me before indicating to overtake me and then he cuts me off. Didn't see him after that as he drives that fast and cuts so many people off.

Then a few weeks later, I was jumping onto the Morley Dr & Tonkin Hwy on-ramp when I saw him in front of me and behind two other cars. Apparently his time is too precious, so he does the unthinkable (not unthinkable for him though) and floors it past the two other cars and cuts them off. It's an on-ramp at 5:40am, bro. I think you'll live if you wait behind while they merge onto Tonkin.

How the hell has he kept his license?
MYOB 3(19/7/19, 8:55 pm):
Comments: KANGS69, if you're reading this: You might want to invest in a watch if you're always in that much of a hurry.
Hmm...(31/8/19, 2:38 am):
Comments: Saw him going at least 85 or 90 in a 70 zone this morning, the night after constant heavy rain. Then saw him impatiently overtake not one, but TWO vehicles on a highway onramp

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